Taking the Grand Pacific Drive

Finally, months after getting my car, we celebrate my 3 years in Australia by taking the Grand Pacific Drive. We actually only took the first half of the drive because we took our time in the different stopovers.

Stanwell Tops was a great breathtaking view where you can see a beach just right below. I was told that there were people who do paragliding to get down there. Sounds fun enough to overcome my fear of heights. I legitimately want to try that as opposed to do a straight up sky dive.

Bulli Beach gave me a very chill beach. Comparing it to Bondi and Manly, this beach was not that crowded, parking was easy, and the weather that day was perfect.

We ended our stop down in Wollongong, New South Wales checking the city center and having some coffee down there.

Here's to more travelling for 2018! Take care folks.

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iPhone X with dbrand Grip and Bamboo skin

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