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Getting back into writing blog posts

It's always a thing that crosses my mind and is easier said than done. I really wish I can get into the habit of writing my thoughts on a regular basis.

There's so much stuff I would like to share to everyone, from gadget reviews to life hacks, but sometimes I just keep thinking that I can do that tomorrow. It's similar to how people would just hold off with going to the gym.

Last year with 2022, all I can say that it's been a wild rollercoaster ride. Without getting into so much detail, it's the worst year of my life. With this new year, I'll make sure it will be the complete opposite.

So in writing this, restarting blogging is my 2023 new year's resolution. Whether is longform or quick short posts, I'm aiming to do this more frequently.

In my opinion, social media has gone a bit too much for me that it feels like a race or flexing competition. I'm not a big fan of that. So it's going to be a passive deactivation of my social accounts.

I'd rather do things at my own pace, share stuff that I'm really into, and enjoy doing it all at the same time.This will be the main hub of all things me.

So here we go, hopefully it all works out! Cheers.

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Happy Ending Burgers, the best burger joint in town 🍔

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