My Blank Final Fantasy XV Review

Nothing! I don't have a PS4, yet. Let's make this post into my expectations towards FFXV. I've been waiting for this game for ages and I can't believe that it's out! They really did take their time in making the game and I read that it was well worth the wait. The reviews that this game got mostly got a very high score.

Glorious eye candy and amazing visuals.

Yes, I like things pixel perfect. That's why I opted to go for a GTX 970 for my PC build, so even it's a total overkill for Dota 2, I'd like to have a bit of head room to max out games in 1080p. Anyway, I'm a big fan of Square-Enix when it comes to visuals. They really do not disappoint. Even though Final Fantasy XIII was bad, I loved how it looked. So graphics play big in what I want from a game.

Engaging and interactive story.

Final Fantasy games usually have a great narrative, just with the trailers and the various sorts that they have posted for this game has got me hooked for the characters. Having not spoiled myself with anything, I'm ready to invest emotions.

Great game play and battle mechanics.

Almost all FF battle systems are great. But FFX and FFXIII I liked the most. For this game, it looks like they got Lightning Returns: FFXIII and improved it. Let's see how it fares out. For the maps, I don't mind it being linear or open world, as long as the visuals are great, I'm in. Lastly, the grind. I'm up to spend hours and hours for this game.

Possible PC port perhaps?

One thing that I would like to see is a PC version of this game. Don't get me wrong, I've seen videos of the game and it performs well plus it's absolutely beautiful. But take all that and unleash it's true potential, I can't imagine what this game will look like! I'm sure that it will come out eventually. The question is, when? I don't mind if they take their time, as long as it will be well optimized for the platform.

Just chilling with the boys

Going back, yes, there is no review. But I am so excited to play this game as well as the new Kingdom Hearts game that's coming out.

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