Relating To Sakura Quest

So I just started watching Sakura Quest. It's one of many anime that started last week, which is spring season in Japan. Here's are two screen caps that I took that I can totally relate to, it's the struggle of job hunting.

I've seen those lines many times.
Another way to say: No, we don't like you in a nice way.
The struggle is real!

The first screen cap is what hooked me to continue watching this anime. I really smiled after seeing that because I can totally relate with what the message said. I'm currently struggling to find myself a job as a nurse having just graduated from studying here in Australia. Everyone has been saying to be patient, but honestly, it's killing me that I spent all those time in school. Months and I have yet to start my professional career. Sometimes, things like “I should have taken an IT degree” or something similar pop into my head.

I guess it's too late for that. All I can do now is to keep my head up and think positive. It will all run according to keikaku. (Translator's note: Keikaku means plan.)

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