About Monchee

Hi, I'm Monchee and I own this website. Nurse by day, geek by night, I have a wide interest in gadgets and technology as well as travel and photography. They don't make nice hobbies with how expensive the toys are.

About the website

My online space (blog or website as others call it) has been live since 2007, ages ago since I was still in high school. It has gone through different remakes, transfers, redesigns, ending up to how it is now.

I tried to get the domain monchee.com, but I was a year too late. I ended up getting moncheeyuson.com in which I thought the domain was just too long. Eventually, I got a hold of monch.ee which needed an Estonian representative as a requirement to register the domain that Netim provides as a service.

The monch.ee domain is perfect as it doesn't use my real name, it's short, and it's actually my nickname. So I've updated my instagram handle to reflect on the change too.

It's funny, as I like setting up, tidying and optimizing things for my website than actually writing content for it. If it was the other way around, I probably would have had so many posts right at this time. But I enjoy fiddling around with new stuff, making things faster and more efficient.

I'm trying hard to write more, hence I invested in a new custom keyboard that would attract my fingers and have it type more.

About Me

I'm just another person in the world with a passion of so many things. By profession, I'm an allergy nurse, which is something I didn't expect on doing. Love the job.

I'm 100% Filipino and now an Australian. It honestly feels weird, but I have two places I call home. Probably three if you count my website with it.

As for my hobbies, web design and development is one of them. This website was made from the ground up. And just recently, I enjoy creating content on various mediums. Also, branding has been coming up on my radar quite a lot. I feel like having a prescence is what's striking me at the moment.

Aside from that, I'm an avid gamer and I love tinkering with gadgets. It just fuels my brain. So expect a bit more of focused content revolving around those two. I barely travel these days due to the pandemic and I rarely take interesting photos. It'll come.

If you've reached this point of the page, thank you for your time in reading it. If you want to have a chat, feel free to contact me. Have a good day!