My First Custom Mechanical Keyboard

I finally got to build my keeb! It's been a long time coming. From researching, buying, waiting and assembling, the wait is over!

The reason why I feel like writing again. It's just so smooth. Well, that's thanks to them blacks.

For the longest time, since I moved here to Australia, I've been using the Coolermaster MasterKeys Pro S, a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches. I went with that switch because my research told me it was a good balance for gaming and typing.

Come 2019, in a world where I spend hours and hours on Reddit, I end up visiting r/mechanicalkeyboards. That was the start of the end.

I would like to thank my brothers for getting me into this hobby and two shops, KBDfans and DailyClack.

Let's get into the build!


I didn't immediately pull the trigger on a keyboard like a what you call an impulse buy. I did my research and the DZ65RGB is my second choice. My top choice was the KBD67 mk II but it kept selling out a few minutes of it popping out on the kbdfans website. I eventually gave up and got this instead. As for it being a 65%, I really wanted my arrow keys and a decently sized right shift. The RGB component of the board is just a plus and I'm not going to be using it much.

Switches: Cherry MX Black (retooled)

This is another number two choice. Coming from tactile Cherry MX Browns, I thought the widely popular Zealios V2 switches would be my upgrade path. They're a bit expensive at $1 USD a pop, and I told myself that I've never actually used or owned a linear switch, and my brothers kept telling me it's great, why not try? So I did.

Plate: Brass

As my brother would put it, “It's for acoustics.”. So I told myself, “I like my acoustics.”

Case: Tada68 plastic case

Basically the cheapest that I could get. As cool as the aluminum case would be, I plan to take this keeb to many places, and the weight of an alum case would just be a pain so plastic would do the trick.

Keycaps: Katakana PBT (Matcha) by The Key Dot Co

Have you heard about GMK keycaps? Good. They're my end game. Lots of group buys are setup to get a set. Unfortunately, I don't have the patience of waiting 6 months just for a keycap set. DailyClack saves my butt here having the Katakana keycap set. I love me some Japanese characters being a big otaku.

What's next?

For upgrades, I'm looking at an aviator-style USB-C cable as well as the Tofu aluminum case. I've also onle lubed the stabilizers with Krytox 206. The switches have yet to be lubed. It's a bit of a tedious process but looking at the stabilizers right now, they definitely need a bit of it. Need to find the time in doing them.

But like I mentioned earlier, it's just the start. I have a strong feeling that I would make another one real soon. It's just too fun!

I have a feeling it's going to be a 60% keeb. Gut feelz. Prolly even a 40%. It's exciting!

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