dBrand Bamboo Skin for iPhone 6 Plus

When you get a new toy, like a phone, you would like it to stand out by customizing it. Cases, stickers, or whatever, each to their own. As I was using the official red iPhone case, lately, there's something about using it bare that I like. I went in to use a skin which protects my phone, gives it a unique flavor, and just makes it look awesome.


dBrand, a brand popular for making skins for gadgets, which is also run by robots, has been running around my radar for a very long time now. With popular tech YouTubers like MKBHD, TLDtoday, and LinusTechTips, they have been showing these different phones heavily customized using dBrand skins.

I've jumped on the gun and ordered a few packs during a sale with the re-release of the bamboo skin. There were some issues with regards to shipping as these came from Canada and I currently live in Australia. The skin builder from their site is amazing and there are sample product shots if you'd like to see how they really look. All I can say that it took a while, but the wait was worth it considering how much I paid for them when the sale happened.


Installation was very simple and straightforward with only having slight difficulties on the corners. It all turned out great, and I've took some awesome product shots so that you too can order.

I love how it looks! I just applied the bamboo one and can't wait to use the walnut and leather combo. I would recommend using skins if you're the type who would like to respect the design that manufacturers crafted while adding a bit of flair to them.

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